Team: None (self-driven)

Year: 2017

Role: UX Designer


Ticket Tout

Disrupting the ticket industry by capitalizing on unsold event tickets and allowing guests to upgrade their seats at a fraction of the original cost.


App idea/strategy

iOS app design



Have you ever been at a sporting event and seen tons of open seats down close to the action? Those tickets either never sold or the ticket owners were unable to make it and resell their tickets before the event. Popular ticket sales apps like Stub Hub and Gametime stop selling tickets once the event starts or shortly thereafter.

Ticket Tout allows you to sell your tickets as upgrades once the event has already begun (and of course you can use Ticket Tout to sell tickets before the event as well). Set an asking price and a minimum price and Ticket Tout will gradually lower the price of your ticket throughout the course of the event. You can also bid on tickets to score the best deal. "Call Your Shot" is a unique feature that allows you to name a price you would pay to sit in specific sections at the event. Ticket owners willing to make that deal can then sell you their tickets through the app.

Ticket Tout allows users to upgrade from the nose-bleeds to the lower-level at a fraction of the cost. It also provides a sales option to those ticket owners (including venues, stadiums, and arenas) who were unable to sell their tickets before the event began. $20 may not be $50, but it is always better than $0.

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