Team: Vivint.SmartHome UX

Year: 2016

Role: UX Designer



For nearly a year I had the pleasure of working on the UX Design team at Vivint.Smarthome. I had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects across multiple platforms as we helped define the smart home space. Below are some samples of my work with the team.


iOS app

Android app


Web app



Vivint.SmartHome is leading the Smart Home space. They offer a complete Smart Home system including indoor/outdoor cameras, 24hr DVR, a doorbell camera, smart locks, a smart thermostat, garage control, cloud storage, and more. Vivint.SmartHome uses AI to reduce friction and free up time for it’s users by learning their life patterns and performing tasks for them.


When I arrived, their existing digital brand didn’t reflect the innovative nature of the company. Gavin Jensen and I drove the efforts to establish Vivint design principles that we used to create new brand guidelines and a refreshed visual language. We then created a road map of releases across all platforms to introduce the new designs without causing pain points for users and maintaining any existing brand integrity.


Design Team: Jeff Smith, Matt Mahar, Gavin Jensen, Wes Hotchkiss, Nic Brunson, Michelle Zundel, Eric Gonzales, Nate Smith


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